Does My Website Performance Matter To Google?

Does My Website Performance Matter To Google?

Find out here why you should always check how well your website or online store is doing. When it comes to how visible your website is in Google search results and how easy it is to use, the most important factor is how well it works.

Why You Should Definitely Check The Performance Of Your Website

When it comes to how visible your website is in Google search results and how easy it is to use, the most important factor is how well it works.

Websites that aren’t well optimized lead to:

  • Low visibility on Google, which means less traffic
  • High bounce rates, which means less business or sales
  • Less activity on your website, which means less sales

Measure The Performance Of Your Website – Even Without Extensive Technical Knowledge

If you don’t understand all of the measured values or tips, just email the results of the website check to your SEO agency. We’d also be happy to help you with optimization, which would give you a better Google ranking, more leads, and ultimately more sales.

About Google Core Web Vitals Optimization

Google Core Web Vitals are fairly new metrics from Google, but they are very basic measures of how people use websites. In addition to how long it takes to load, this includes how interactive and stable a website looks. The ranking of sites in Google’s organic search engine is based on how well they are grouped by their values. You can also read our separate blog post on Google Core Web Vitals to learn more about these important metrics.

Why Should You Consider These Values ​​When Optimizing Your Website?

Our digital marketing agency team will give you an overview of all the important key figures you need to think about to give your website visitors the best user experience (UX) possible.

You should also pay attention to the values we tell you, since fast and SEO-optimized websites help you get better results in organic search results. Your pages will move up in the rankings, making them easier for people who might buy from you to find.

Google also says that a website’s technical SEO is at least as important as its content. This means that the technical and content parts of your site should work together.

So, if you don’t optimize for these performance values in the meantime, you can expect poor performance and low visibility in Google search results.

How Can I Improve Performance Values In The Future?

Poor performance values mean that you need to make the right optimizations as soon as possible. This will make sure that your website doesn’t lose its ranking or visibility, which means it won’t lose sales. Depending on which value is especially bad for your website, you should definitely respond with the right SEO strategy and make sure your website loads as quickly as possible.


Goal Agency can help you make sure that your website performance is good.

We help you plan future website optimizations so that you can get the best performance numbers possible in the website check and take action on bad results. We help you reach your business and sales goals at every digital touchpoint. Search engine optimization (SEO) and how well something works are both important. We can help you set up an SEO strategy that works well and give you strategic and advisory support for all the steps you need to take.

We help our clients come up with unique and long-lasting strategies for performance, and we also help you get a good ranking on Google. When we make websites or online shops, we make sure they load quickly so that users have the best experience possible (UX).

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